NYC Neighborhoods Map


Our client wanted to highlight it's involvement with, and the history of, the greater NYC area as part of the content for their new New York City office's video wall.

The core of this project is the map rendering and animation system. The mapping data was derived from OpenStreetMap and rendered using TileServer GL. A custom Touchdesigner patch transformed the resulting tiles into optimized assets for use in the live application. The application itself cycles between idle and map panning states zooming into specific neighborhoods to highlight the history of and the client's involvement with that neighborhood. All of the neighborhood data is pulled from a central CMS for easy updating.

The challenges overcome on this application where primarily centered around how to display such high fidelity map data over a complex generative background. Solutions included preemptive caching of map tiles, hiding unused mapping assets, and precise performance tuning of the live generative graphics.

This application was built in Touchdesigner and output to a 11520x1080 LED wall.


Touchdeisgner, Computer Vision, TileServer GL

Involved Parties

Developed with - Britelite Immersive

Video Music - bensound.com