Generative Bartender Concept


A client commissioned Stimulant to develop an experience based around producing generative art from the kinetic motion of a bartender. This video is an example of the work produced for this project.

In this project, a bartender's motions are captured by a wearable Bluetooth-equipped sensor package, which included an accelerometer and gyroscope. These motions were transferred to a tablet computer on the bar top and then onto a central server. To start generating an artwork the bartender would specify drink parameters which would then, in turn, determine aspects of the generated artwork. The bartender would then tell the application he was making the drink, and then his motions would be transferred to another application which would generate the artwork behind him as he made the drink. At the end the artwork would be saved for the patron to purchase.

I was the sole developer on this application and programmed the tablet application, the custom parameters for the wearable, and designed and developed the artwork generation. The microcontroller was programmable via an sdk provided by the manufacturer that was running on the Android tablet. The tablet application itself was a combination of Java, HTML, and javascript using the Cordova application packaging framework. I developed three visual styles for the application - geometric patterns, flower mandala, and a painterly abstract. All styles were implemented in THREE.js

This was a particularly rewarding project as it allowed me to work across many domains and gave me a great deal of creative control under the creative director.

Unfortunately, this project was canceled, so this project did not reach full production status.


THREE.js, Node, Android, microcontrollers

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