Dreamforce IQ Game


In this activation, the Salesforce IQ product team wanted to have a fun game to test the "Intelligence" of the dreamforce attendees. We built a quiz show style game complete with buzzers.

Users would come up to the installation and press a buzzer to begin. Up to three users could play at once but only one was required. The user would then use a camera integrated between the screens to take a photo of themselves for the leader board, should they do well. The users would then be shown a question and four possible answers - each answer would highlight in sequence, and the first user to buzz in on the correct answer would get points. Users would lose points for incorrect answers. If no one buzzed after two passes the correct answer would be displayed and the game would continue. After several rounds, the game would end and a new user would be added to the high score list if they scored high enough. If the users were playing while a docent was present the winner would receive a prize, Salseforce IQ "smart" socks. The installation was very popular with conference goers, having hundreds of plays.

The system itself consisted of three 100" 4K screens in a C shaped configuration, with cameras placed between the bottom and middle screens, speakers on the sides, and buttons on a shelf below the bottom screen. The buttons lit up and were controlled by an arduino leonardo. The application was developed entirely with TouchDesigner and ran on a graphics workstation equipped with an AMD W9100 graphics card. Running three 4K screens and a 1080p confidence monitor off of one machine was no small feat in 2015 and many optimization techniques were employed to keep frame rate smooth. A primary technology used for this end was video encoded in the HAP video codec.


Touchdeisgner, Arduiono

Involved Parties

Developed with - JUXT

Client - Salesforce

Concept and Fabrication - GPJ