City of Hope Museum Kiosks


City of Hope, a cancer treatment center in southern California, worked with Stimulant and Gallagher & Associates to design a museum to highlight the hospital’s legacy: innovation, healing, and soul. Part of the exhibit was a room scale sculptural piece which embedded three touch screen interactives with interconnecting LED low resolution screens. The kiosks were designed to highlight the interconnectedness of the City of Hope’s achievements, doctors and patients, expressing the organization’s holistic and integrated approach to research and medicine. Fluid animations and minimalist controls pushed content to the forefront to heighten longer-form engagements. Three large-format, dual-display stations provide access to hundreds of stories. The stories and media are managed by a cloud-hosted CMS.

The sinuous exterior of the sculpture was a fabric of sprawling reactive LED sculpture. Custom software drove the lighting modules with flowing generative artwork which flowed between the kiosks and the LEDs. These fixtures brought the visual language of the physical interactive exhibit design to life in a subtle, playful way and added a luminous, calming effect to the space.

The Kiosks were programmed using web technologies and featured real time physics simulations to animate and enliven the interfaces. A central server controlled the background animation that flowed between the LEDs and screens. Tight network controls were in place to ensure that all three kiosks and the LEDs remained in sync.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, d3 JS, nodejs, LEDs, websockets

Involved Parties

Developed with - Stimulant

Exhibit Designer - Gallagher & Associates

Client - City of Hope